Social Sport platform

This will have all lovers of the game submerged in the world of Sport. This iPhone and Android app allows Sport fans to be updated with every moment of the game. From fixtures to live scores, imagery, predictions and more, fans here can mingle with other lovers of game and share their experiences. With this App, you could tag along the wonderful game every step of the way. Live scores, results, texting & sharing images with fellow cricket fans and a lot more.

It adds the flavor of rich media (Image/Video/Audio) as well as the power of social channels like facebook,twitter,google+, printrest etc ..

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Branding, Campaign & Analytics Tool

An effective tool for promotion, Branding and engagement of customers on the go in always connected mode. It will help the enterprise to increase their brand value and customer rich and hence increase the revenue.

It adds the flavor of rich media (Image/Video/Audio) as well as the power of social channels like facebook,twitter,google+, printrest etc ..

Voter Engagement/Awareness

Everyone has a power of Voting that makes government to regulate country. All youngster and people of the country should be aware of the parties and leaders of the participating parties, how they can made the decision, how they can Vote for them, Practice on new EVM machine to ensure their valuable vote to right party.

Political parties wants to connect with people and their issues, they want to showcase their achievements and share their thoughts with them.

This is a tool that made possible to connect people of india with the political parties and spread awareness to ensure their valuable to to right one.

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MediApp- Protection against Virus, Power of spreading awareness.

this is a powerful tool for all to get all kind of awareness, alerts, guidance and consultations for dangerous viruses attack. it helps people how to be protect from the attacks, what to do, what not to do about first aids and how to check if they are infected.

this is a contribution towards humanity to get protected and be healthy.

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this is an tool for iphone users to use the power of GPS and google map. This help user locating the distance, route for any destination from any source location.

they can find the quick nearby places like ATM’s, Bank, Petrol pump, Metro, Hospitals, Airports, Pubs and Restaurants etc from their current or from any location.

User can save their searches and can get anytime they quickly with on touch. They can share facebook check-in from this app as well.

this too is integrated with Social channels for user engagement and status updates.

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